You are, what you eat!

14 Apr

It’s time to write about something a little less painfully things the right to the good body. EATING! You are what you eat – says the quote. I think that’s so true! With a lot of training you can get muscles, but without clean eating, you won’t lose weight. So let’s think, what can do? I’m going to give you some great advice about your meals.


Breakfast is the most important meal in your day. Never leave the house without eating! I recommend you some food with high fiber, protein and carbohydrate. You have to insert more vegetables too. For example: brown bread with boiled eggs and veggies ( tomato, cucumbers, paprika, radish) You can also use fruits if you’d like to!

+Hint: Start the day with black coffee or green tea with no sugar/lemon/milk. It’ll start up you metabolism! And after wake up, drink a glass of water, before the green tea or black coffee. I don’t know if it’s helping, my grandma said that! 🙂







It important to eat at least five times a day, you that’s why I added 2 snack times. At the before lunch snack time, eat fruits, or drink fruit smoothies! Smoothies are easy to do. All you need is fruits, low-fat yogurt and if you want, some honey. I recommend you for fruits 2 cups (banana, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, currant, cherry and mulberry.) Mix it with 1 cup yogurt and add honey! At the end, It’s going to be soft, creamy and magnificent!



Eat meat, salad, but no carbohydrate! But notice this! It’s not whatever what kind of meat you eat! In spite of the fat pork, eat beef or chicken breast! More protein, less calories. Try to eat more fish! It contains many types of vitamin. Fish is low in calories too! For side dish, try to minimize the number of carbohydrate and eat rice or salad! You can add some feta cheese to you salad. It makes it more delicious!



Some chicken with veggies!


You have to eat 3 hours before going to bed. Eat brown toast bread with 2 piece of ham and of course, don’t forget to take yourself some veggies! Drink cold milk! Your body system will use more energy to warm it up, and that’s why you burn more calories, when you drink cold drinks! 

And the most important: drink as much water as you can! I think I don’t even have to start, why it is good for you. 3 l is the minimum!

I hope I could help you with your meals! I know it costs a lot, but trust me It is worth the price! Do what I do! make money with gambling! I’m playing with tippmix!

with love, 



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