19 Apr

I’m going to summarize  the past few days. So many things happened to me, here are the most important:

Perfect Running Shoes: My old ones are quite bad now, and I had to search news for me. What else could be cooler, prettier and more useful that Nike Free Run 3+? I think it’d worth the price, what I’m going to pay for it. It look absolutely nice, and I love the shoes’ color, which is blue! Here comes the picture:


Isn’t it beautiful? Saci has the same, but that is pink/orange. I’m going to show a picture of it too:


Film of our summer life: One day, Saci and I decided to make a film/video about what we’ll do in the summer, about training, introductions, our passions. You should watch it right after we made it. It’d debut in Autumn. We’ll upload the film to the Youtube, and of course, I’ll share the link with you there.

Saci turned 18: and I’ll take her to a great gym someday, if we both are going to have time for that! It’d be awesome. 

with love, 




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